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Q: What is icarus the amulet code in huntik?
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What is the code for brahe on huntik?

Anubian77 is the code for Brathe on Huntik. In order to obtain more amulet collections within the game, use the code: Behemoth09.

All the codes for Huntik?

detytde7ts7 on any amulet hope it works!

What is the code for venadek on huntik?


Huntik secrets and seekers weekly code?

last weeks code is ymir689

What is the 3d kid icarus code?

Kid Icarus does not use download codes.

What was the code on huntik today?

metagolem95 and they are outer codes they are titan24 freelancer37 lok50.

Who has a code for a dragon amulet?

There is no code for a dragon amulet..... Yes there is... Well idol...Its called the Dragon head of destruction. I need the code also.

What is the 3DS kid icarus download code?

Kid Icarus does not use download codes.

Free dragon amulet code?


Is there any dragon amulet code generator?


What is the bonus code to avatar amulet quest?


Where is huntik foundation located?

the Huntik foundation has safe houses and bases all over the world. :{)