What is halo waypoint?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can check your stats and look at videos :)

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Q: What is halo waypoint?
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How do you go to halo waypoint in halo reach and what is it?

hlao waypoint is in the xbox marketplace and it is a guide of all things halo.

How much is halo waypoint?

Halo Waypoint is free to download off of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

What is the launch date for Halo Waypoint?

The launch date for Halo Waypoint is going to be November 5th, which is when the new anime series, Halo Legends, is going to premiere.

Are there free downloads for Halo 3 ODST?

Yes, Halo waypoint.

How do you get the CQB shoulders in halo reach?

you need halo waypoint to find out

Who do you increase milestones in halo waypoint?

earn more halo achievements

Do you need xbox live to get halo waypoint awards?

Yes, since halo waypoint is a downloaded application you would need xbox live to use it.

Codes for the new halo series 4?

if you go on youtube they will tell you the codes but you have to have halo waypoint to make them work if you don't worry about it the waypoint is free.

How can you access your halo reach account from your you phone?

download halo waypoint app

How can you access your halo reach account from your iPhone?

download halo waypoint app

Do you need halo waypoint to get avatar awards on halo odst?

i think so.....

Is halo waypoint a online game only?

Halo: Waypoint is an Xbox Live only application. It isn't an actual game, only a way to track your progress with achievements in the many Halo games.