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There are a couple of things that might be happening when you try to go on your pinboard:

1) You may have made an inappropriate post to a pinboard, so Moshi Monsters has blocked your pinboard. Or someone may have complained about a post you made so your pinboard is blocked until Moshi Monsters can check in to the complaint.

2) Someone else may have made an inappropriate post to your pinboard and your pinboard has been blocked until the matter can be taken care of.

3) Something on your computer might be causing a glitch. Make sure your browser and other programs such as Flash Player are up to date and that you have emptied your cache/cookies/browser history.

4) Moshi Monsters may be making updates or changes to the pinboards and have blocked the pinboards until the updates or changes have been completed.

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Q: What is going on when you login to Moshi Monsters and it will not let you go on the pinboard?
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Going to the Moshi Monsters website and clicking sign in should let you login to your account and go to your monsters room.

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You have to pay to become a member.

Is there a login code for iggy on moshi monsters?

No. You must use seeds

What happens if you arent banned but unable to login to Moshi Monsters?

You should contact the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team. Their email is

What is jasmine's24690 password on moshi monsters?

Asking other monster owners for their login details is against the rules of Moshi Monsters. Nobody should share their password!

How do you log in to Moshi Monsters with help?

To login, you need to go to the Moshi Monsters website and click the sign in button located in the top right hand corner.

How do you get discofloor on moshi monsters?

In the secret code section on the login type..... puzzlepalace. I am hedwiglnh

How do you get the disco floor for moshimonsters?

You simply type PUZZLEPALACE into the secret codes box at the login of moshi monsters along with your login details. After you type this in, log onto moshi monsters and it will be in your treasure chest. For more secret codes go toWhat_are_the_secret_codes_for_Moshi_Monsters

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When you are on the login page, there is a box under the password which is for codes.