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Gastly is a ghost/ poison type, so any psychic or ghost type will be super effective against it.

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Q: What is gastly weakness in Pokemon Pearl?
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What Pokemon are in the lost tower?

Gastly and Misdreavus on pearl. Gastly and Murkrow on Diamond.

When does gastly evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Level 25

What other Pokemon are in the old chateau in Pokemon pearl?

The only Pokemon you can find in the old chateau are gastly and Rotom.

What level does gaslty evolve in pearl Pokemon?

Gastly evolves at Level 25.

Where do you find Huntar in Pokemon Pearl?

get a gastly get it to level 24 then walla you have a hauter

What level does gastly evolve into gangarin in Pokemon Pearl?

Gastly evolves into Haunter at level 25 and then into Gengar when you trade it to another game.

At what level does gastly evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

Gastly evolves to Haunter at level 25. Then, Haunter evolves into Gengar by being traded.

Pokemon pearl how do you get mean look?

You catch a ghost pokemon, preferably Gastly, and train it up until it has learnt it.

What is the Pokemon champions weakness on Pokemon Pearl?

Water and grass

What level does gaspar evolve on Pokemon pearl?

Gaspar is not a pokemon. If you meant Gastly than between lvl 18 to 20.

What is the weakness of a fighting Pokemon on pearl?

flying psychic

What is electricity weakness in Pokemon Pearl?

Grass and Ground