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Full restore is an item that you can purchase at a pokemart it heals all hp and any status problem for your pokemon.

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Q: What is full restore in Pokemon Yellow version?
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Can you buy full restore in Pokemon diamond version?

Yes, in the Pokemon Leauge

What is the best item in Pokemon?

Full restore.

What does full restore do on Pokemon?

Full Restore fully restores a Pokemon's health and cures it from any status effect it has. You can buy them by the time you're about to face the Elite 4.

How do you make pikachu like you in Pokemon Yellow version?

When its at full health keep ofering it a potion until 5 timez and he will be happiez

How you cure sleep in Pokemon Red?

You can use an Awakening, a Full Heal or a Full Restore.

What Item on Pokemon diamond restores your status back to normal?

Full Restore

Help me beat the elite four?

what do you need Pokemon or adviced!! Pokemon i can help you with that and advice is buy alot of max potions and full restore buy 30 max potion and 20 full restore and like 15 revives and 15 full heals

Pokemon indigo how do you get a full restore?

You stick your hand down the nearest toilet and pull up the first thing you find. It will be mushy you eat it and a full restore will appear in front of you.

How do you beat the Pokemon League in Pokemon FireRed for the first time?

It's really simple. by 50 or more or less full restore and max ether every time you beat somebody save and restore your Pokemon and make them do their moves more.

What happens if you make a Pokemon hold a full restore?

Nothing:Pokemon can't use man-made items

How many seconds do you count to get full recovery in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

If you mean in the survival challenge, you have to press the button when the full recovery for one pokemon comes by. You have to press it just a bit earlier in order to get full restore for everybody.

How do you know when your at the top of mt coronet on Pokemon diamond?

when your at the peak of mt.cornet it will say spear pillar. There you will have to battle mars and jupiter but not alone your raival will assit you and after the battle he will fully restore your pokemon to full health. Then you will have to battle cyrus when you beat him you will have to battle dialga(palkia,giratina depending on whatever version you have.