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Sonic Buster- uses sound to turn the stadium into sand and slow down opponets

Sonic Wave- launches sound waves at the opponet and leaves a pit of sand if missed

Sonic Shield-creates a shield out of soundwaves that prevent any bey from doing damage to it

Inferno Blast-creates a beam of green energy that releases sound waves that suck beys in and make them lose spin power

Last Judgement Inferno- same as inferno blast but it is refered when libra changed the colors of inferno blast in episode 6 of metal masters

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Q: What is flame Libra special move in beyblade?
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Fireblazes special move in beyblade is fire blast.

What is Sagittarius special move in beyblade?

flame claw

What is flame Libra's special move?

it is sonic buster,sonic wave,sonic shield,inferno blast.

Is it possible to do a beyblade's special move?

yes it is

How do you make a special move on Beyblade battellscom?

you cant but if you belave in your beyblade u can win.

What is dark Libra's special move?

Dark Libra's special moves are Dark wating, spike blaze, and dark weight

What is lightning pegicis special move?

No beyblade like that

What is counter Leones special move in Beyblade?


Can a beyblade do a real special move from the show?

No a beyblade can't perform feats of magic as they do in the show.

What is thermal Pisces special move in beyblade?

distortion drive is Pisces' special move.

What is aquarios's special move in beyblade?

Aquario infinite assault!

What is storm aquarios's special move in Beyblade?

infinite assault