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They are strong against Grass, Steel, Bug, and Ice.

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Water types,Rock types and ground types

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Q: What is fire Pokemon strong against?
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What type is strong against grass Pokemon?

Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice type moves are strong against a Grass type Pokemon.

Pokemon-what is water powerful against?

Water is strong against fire, ground, and rock

What type of Pokemon is strong against bug types?

Rock, fire, and flying type are strong against the bug type.

Are fire Pokemon strong against electric Pokemon?

No they can be but there type attacks normally on electric types.

What type of Pokemon is strong against a fire type?

a water type is really strong against a fire type moonrock8: the only 3 things good against fire is ground, rock, and of course, water

Are Fire-Type Pokemon strong against Dark-Type Pokemon?

No. Fire-Types are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Ice-Types, and Steel-Types. Dark-Types are weak against Bug-Types and Fighting-Types.

What type of Pokemon is strong against a grass type?

the last evolve of any fire type Pokemon

What to use against a water type Pokemon?

Use a strong fire type or any other type but they have to be strong

What ti strong to a steel type Pokemon?

If you want to know what Types of Pokemon that are Strong against STEEL-Type attacks there is ELECTRIC, WATER, STEEL and FIRE. I'll just add that STEEL-Type Pokemon are weak against FIGHT, FIRE and GROUND attacks.

What Pokemon type is strong against ice type?

Fire Steel Rock Fighting

What Pokemon should you fight with fire?

Type advantage wise, Fire PokeMon are strong against: bug, grass, ice, and steel. However, they are extremely weak against: ground, rock, and water.

What Pokemon are strong against steel type in battle against the gym leader in platinum?

you will need a good level pokemon but your types can be either water,fire or ground. and fight The best pokemon against steel type is fire type pokemon......train your fire type pokemon to high level before you fight with the gym ....