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Q: What is electric Pokemon weak against?
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What are water Pokemon weak against?

Water Pokemon are weak against Electric and Grass type moves.

What type is water Pokemon weak against?

Water-type Pokemon are weak against Electric and Grass-type moves.

What is pidgeoto weak against?

Pidgeotto is weak against electric type Pokemon like pikachu.

Weak against electric Pokemon?

water flying, if Pokemon is a wall

What Pokemon are the most effective against ELECTRIC TYPE?

Electric-type Pokemon are only weak against Ground-type attacks.

What are electricity type Pokemon weak against?

The only thing that is super-effective on electric type Pokemon is ground. However grass and dragon types are both good choices to battle against an electric type as electric moves aren't very effective against them. Electric-type Pokemon are weak against Ground-type moves.

What Pokemon are weak against what diamond?

Lots of pokemon types can be weak against one but, obviously, the basics are,Grass is weak against fire, fire is weak against water, water is weak against grass, water is weak against electric, metal is weak against fire, normal is weak against dark, dark is weak against poison, flying is weak against electric, Sorry for boring you, ( I am under the age of 10) XP Thanks for your time :D

What are electric Pokemon weak against?

If you are fighting electric pokemon: DO use: Ground, fire DON'T use: Flying, electric, steel

What are electric Pokemon bad against?

If you mean Electric-types weaknesses, they are only weak against Ground-types.

What kind of Pokemon are weak against an electric type?

rock or ground

What is aerodactyl weak against in pokemon gold?

Water, Ice, and Electric

What are water type pokemon strong against?

Water-type Pokemon are weak against Electric and Grass-type attacks.