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The difference is that Focus Sash works when your Pokemon would have been KO'd in one hit from full HP, while Focus Band has a 10% chance of protecting your Pokemon from being KO'd from any HP.

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Q: What is difference between Focus Band and Focus Sash?
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Where do you get focus sash in LeafGreen?

You cannot get the Focus Sash in Leafgreen. Though you can catch a Machoke and have small chance of obtaining a Focus Band.

Can a Shedinja become immortal holding a Focus Sash or a Focus Band?

Not necessarily, since the Focus Band only keeps the Pokemon off of the brink of death once or twice, and the same goes for the Focus Sash. It was a design that Nintendo knew that would make Shedinja an immortal Pokemon if the Focus Sash or Band kept the Pokemon alive every time, so they limited the Sash and Band for more fair play. The answer is technically, no.

Where do you get focus sash in Pokemon FireRed?

Focus sash is not an item in Firered. It will later appear in Diamond and Pearl.

Where do you get a focus sash in emerald?

no way to get it

Were do you get the focus sash you Pokemon ruby?

You cant. You cant.

Can you have 2 focus sash on Pokemon soul silver?

yes you can. you need to get one focus sash and use a action replay for 900x items. then you have 900. or u can sell 898 of them.

What are scout shoulder band?

A Sash? the thing that holds the Merit badges

Is there an item in Pokemon that makes you unable to faint on the first turn?

Focus sash

Should Azelf hold a Focus Sash or an expert belt if you have an Uxie as a wall?


What does focus sash item do on Pokemon diamond?

you cant be one hit k.o.

What is the difference between the Boy Scout sash and neckerchief?

The sash goes around one shoulder and down to the waist. Merit badges are attached to it. The neckerchief goes around the neck and has a ring clasp to keep it snug.

Can anyone help you get some really good Pokemon for black and a focus sash too please?