What is dbz gt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its part three of dragonball where goku turns in to a childand must find these dragonballs

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Q: What is dbz gt?
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What is super saiyan trunks power level?

100000000 in dbz gt what part all what version you asked? example dbz kai dbz gt dbz dbz af and more.

What dbz can you get ssj4?


How many dbz seasons are there?

There are 9 DBZ Seasons and as far as i know there are 2 DBZ GT seasons

When dragon ball GT telecasts in India?

when dbz gt telecast on india

Will they have a spin-off of dbz?

They already have, Its Called Dragonball GT no dbgt is not a spinoff of dbz now dbzaf is a spinoff of dbz

Where is dragon ball gt in dragon ball devolution?

Ther is no dbz devolution gt

Which episode does Goku fuse with shenron?

goku merges with shenron in dbz gt episode 64. If you want to know how i knew go to google, and type in dbz gt episodes

How old are Goku?

in dbz the first hes about 20 later on in gt 50 technically and dbz over 100

Is there a series after dragonball gt?

yes its called dbz omega

Is dbz af real?

dbz af is real they have made a game out of it and at the end of gt there was the first episode with goku jr

Will the us ever see dbz gt after the shenron saga?

yes we were

Who are the characters in dbz budakai 3?

all the characters from Dragonball GT.