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Q: What is called the dirt form the chimney with the two middle letters being oo?
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Why is chimney dirt called newest?

The term "newest" in relation to chimney dirt refers to the layer of soot that is currently being deposited in the chimney. As newer soot gets deposited, it pushes the older layers further down, creating this distinction. However, the term "newest" is not commonly used in English to describe chimney dirt.

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What price range can a chimney cap be purchased for?

A chimney cap can cost anywhere from as little as 50 dollars, to as expensive as 200 dollars. It really depends on the brand of chimney cap being bought.

What got stuck in the chimney in the book skellig?

In the book "Skellig" by David Almond, a mysterious creature called Skellig gets stuck in the abandoned garage's cobweb-filled attic, not in the chimney. Skellig is described as a strange, winged being with a mysterious connection to the protagonist Michael.

Why is smoke going in the house and not up the chimney?

A chimney will suck air from the house only if there is wind above the chimney. Air movement at the top causes a partial vacuum in the chimney which pulls the smoke up. The smoke could get into the house due to several reasons: there is no wind above the chimney; the chimney is blocked, the smoke is being directed away from the chimney due to other areas of low pressure in the house. You could probably rectify the problem by raising the chimney so that it catches more wind, cooking closer to the chimney inlet, making chimney diameter wider so that there is less resistance to the passage of smoke. Hassan

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