What is boba fetts middle name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boba Fett did not have a middle name. Most Star Wars characters did not even have a last name. Some didn't even have a name at all, they were just refered to as numbers or 'trooper.'

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Q: What is boba fetts middle name?
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What is the name of boba fetts immitater in the comic books?

Jodo Kast.

Why did jango fetts ship turn green when he gave it to boba?

Boba just painted it green.

Why did Jango Fetts Slave I turn green when he gave it to boba?

Boba painted it to match his armor which he also painted.

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Why does boba fett not have a big part in Star Wars?

because boba fetts father (jango fett) didn't have a big part and anyway nobody likes boba fett

Is jango fett boba fetts son?

Jjango Fett brought Boba up as his son but when the clones where getting made Jango got give Boba was given to he was a genetic clone given to Jango as being the genetic host of the clone army so no, Boba fett is not actually jango fetts son simply an unaltered clone that he raised as his own.

Do you ever see boba fetts face besides when hes a kid?

I don't think so.

How do you get CHEAT CODE FOR boba fetts ship?

go look here they got everything

Who is jango fetts wife?

Jango Fett doesn't have a wife. Even though Boba Fett is his son, Boba was born as a a clone. But he did not have the growth acceleration the other clones had.

How Many Fetts are There?

Not sure what you're referring to are two that I know of Boba Fett and his father, Jenga Fett, but there are probably more.

Is bobet fett jango fetts brother?

No. Boba Fett Was A Clone Made With Slower Muturing Process So That Jango Could Have Him As A Son.

Who is Boba Fetts girlfriend?

Actually, after Order 66 was issued, Boba Fett fell in love with and married a Kiffar named Sintas Vel and they had a daughter, Ailyn.