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Heartbeat is definitely the way to go. First, UAV only lasts for a little while, 30 seconds I think; although it works all across the map. However, heartbeat sensor is always working. And although it has a smaller range, it never runs out.

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Q: What is better in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 UAV Heartbeat sensor?
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What is better in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 UAV or Heartbeat sensor?

itdepends on the map but i think heartbeat sensor is awesome but some people get ninja perk so they cant be seen by it

How do you get the gun Heartbeat sensor in modern warfare 2?

Heartbeat Sensor is not a Gun, it's a Attachment for all Assult Rifles. It is unlocked by killing 15 people with the silencer.

Whats better thermal or heartbeat sensor and witch is best snipe rifle for stealth sniper in Modern warfare 2?

thermal and heartbeat ont the barret 50cal nd u will own have bling pro coldblooded pro and ninga pro

What does Ninja Pro do on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Ninja Normal - Nonseen On Heartbeat Sensor Ninja Pro - Nonseen on Heartbeat Sensor + Dead Silence (can hardly hear your feet when u walk or run)

What weapons in modern warfare two have the heartbeat sensor attachment?

all the snipers and many assualt rifles along with a few lmgs i think

What is the best gun combination to have on Modern Warfare 2?

the wa2000 thermal scope and heartbeat sensor with a raffica red dot sight fmj

Why does only half a heartbeat sensor show up in multiplayer on call of duty modern warfare 2?

its the way you're tv is formated, try using you're remote to change the format.

How do you get bullet penetration kills in modern warfare 2?

You shoot through a wall and kill someone. FMJ helps with this and if you get 40 with FMJ on you get extended mags. Doing this in Hardcore gametypes helps. Using a heartbeat sensor helps more.

Is Call of Duty 2 or 4 better?

Its just the same but the difference is modern warfare 2 is alot harder than call of duty 4 because modern warfare 2 can have a stopping power and a sleight of hand the same time and their is alot of unfair attachments on modern warfare 2 for example, the thermal and the heartbeat sensor but ofcourse u can counter the unfair attachments by using counter perks but u can't have a cold blooded and a stopping power at the same time so.. Wat do u thinks better? 2 or 4?

Is a heartbeat sensor for a noob?


How do you get 40 bullet penetration kills on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Getting "wallbangs" or kills through walls with FMJ on. Using a heartbeat sensor at the same time (albeit n00bish) will deffinetly help getting this. Along with playing hardcore game types and using Turtle Beach headsets.

How can you get that heartbeat sensor?

15 kills with the silencer =]