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Armagetron Advanced is superior in all areas excluding graphics and single player. The graphics are not nearly as good, and the single player is boring, but online multi-player is more fun, and the game has rubber, which slows down the time between you crashing and then dieing.

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Q: What is better Armagetron Advanced or GLTron?
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When did Armagetron Advanced happen?

Armagetron Advanced happened in 2001.

When was Armagetron Advanced created?

Armagetron Advanced was created in 2001.

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What is agent7?

an armagetron advanced skilled player

Can you help with a problem on armagetron advanced?

I probably can, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with servers.

Is armagetron advanced a fun game?

yes and no. when you start it is not fun because everyone is better than you. once you start to get better then it will become more fun. give it time to grow on you. i hated it when i first i love it!

How do you reenter a game on Armagetron advanced?

There is not automatic reenter button, you have to go through the server list to find yours.

Is armagetron advanced safe for mac?

It is absolutely fine, just like any other game, i have it on mine and it's been over a year, no problem whatsoever.

Where can you download armagetron?

Where can you play armagetron for free?

It is always free at

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