What is bad about DS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is bad for your eyes

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Q: What is bad about DS?
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What is bad about a DS?

It is bad for your eyes

Is Action Replay bad for the ds?

The Action Replay is not bad for the Nintendo DS whatsoever, although on occasion it can freeze up your DS... But that can be easily fixed by restarting the DS.

What is bad about the Nintendo DS lite?

something bad about a ds lite is that it can get fuzzy screens and runny colours and if u fall and drop it say goodbye to it

Action replays for Ds are good or bad?

Bad man bad they mess up you're games and your ds. Trust me DON'T DO IT. They will jack your system basically and then when you ask fro a refund your ds is gone and they give you another action replay. But you have no DS remeber. The pros definitly outwiegh the cons on this one my friends looking into this item.

What happens if a dsi action replay is used on ds?

nothing bad will happen i have a dsi AR and i use it my ds

What were the ds and xbox connect like in the olden days?

Bad graphics with bad movement controls.

How do you get rid of a bad egg in heartgold?

The best way to get rid of a bad egg is if you have 2 ds's, another ds Pokemon game that you hate and trade the bad egg to that game and there you have it. This is the best way to get rid of a bad egg and P.S. you cannot give a poke'mon an egg.

How has the Nintendo DS Impacted on our world?

Nintendo Ds has impacted our world. And I think it's because of the tiny screen. That tiny screen seems nothing bad about it, but actually it's bad for your eye. And not just that, if you play Ds alot then you will get addicted to it. So which means your whole brain will be on Nintendo Ds. When your mind get addicted to Nintendo Ds then from that on your mind will be a monster. I hope this will help you! :D

What bad words are on black ops for Nintendo ds?

Nintendo DS is only rated teen and does not have the Strong language the other editions do.

Is keeping the Nintendo ds on while your sleeping bad for it?

Why would you leave it on anyway? And yes it's bad. It wastes battery, and your ds can only last 500 charges before it starts to stop working.

In super Mario ds 64 how do get the power star corse three?

im not going to answer this question because of the mere fact that you said ds 64, im fairly sure your mixing up bad with good, good being 64, bad being ds...i hate you

Is leaving a Nintendo DS on while im sleeping bad for it?

not if it is on standby.