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dont try it =)

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Q: What is artixs paswword on AQWorlds?
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Why dont you try artixs paswword on AQWorlds?

Only Artix knows his password.

What is artixs paswword on aq?


Where do you get artixs platinum axe in AQWorlds?

Its no longer available

Can you get through the security in artixs account in aqworlds?

You don't. That is considered hacking. It will result in your account being suspended and your badges being removed.

How do you get artixs axe now in AQWorlds?

You can't.But now you can in doom wood challenge shop and get bone grinder medal then wait for 1 or 2 weeks and you have it

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What is rockhoppers paswword?

Well the answer is........waddleon its true!

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WHAT IS Pokediger1 paswword roblox?

His password is long

What is artixs password on aqw?

his pass is exactly Robina with the caps

What is vip hopes paswword Movie Star Planet?

Nohackhope444 By blingogirl54321 add me