What is aqw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ADVENTURE QUEST WORLDS -Made by AE- Artix Entertainment


AQW is an game that plays right on your browser. You batle monsters, customize your character and more!

In aqw you can get multiple achievements and level up to get awesome items.

AQW is a fun game for ages 1-100 (Unlimited if you realy want to play at age 101.) Kids love this game and we have currently over 1,000,000 players that have made accounts!

Aqw does not cost any money unless you upgrade to get full access of the game(Highly recommended that you do upgrade ,you will get very frustrated in canned chat I assure you.)

So far aqw has been around for almost 4 years now.

In aqw Many players have been awarded special prizes through contests like The pumpkin carving contest, creative cookie contest and even player suggestions! There are new winners almost every month for something new. Like Dragonblade4132 was officialy awarded to the first to receive an Battleon Newsletter. And players like Angel Star101, Beowolve, Bnouze, Enven, l3r421L, Opslayer, Rena Hikari and Vampire Hunter won the creative cookie contest!

Your going to love AQW

For other Artix Flash based games go to to see other fun games to play!

Also, sign up in our forums for weekly updates and early news and suggestions!

Our forum page is

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Q: What is aqw?
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