What is an argentite?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An argentite is an alternative name for silver sulphide, a primary ore of silver.

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Q: What is an argentite?
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What is argentite used for?

argentite is used to make batteries

What metal can be extracted from Argentite?

Silver can be extracted from Argentite, which is a silver sulfide mineral. The process involves smelting the Argentite ore to extract the silver metal.

Argentite is a ore of which metal?

Argentite is an ore of silver. It is a sulfide mineral that is a valuable source of silver in mining operations.

What are the uses of the mineral argentite?

Argentite is primarily used as an ore of silver, which is extracted through the process of smelting. Silver extracted from argentite is used in various applications, including jewelry, silverware, electronics, and photography. Additionally, argentite has industrial uses in mirrors, solar panels, and antibacterial coatings.

What is the mineral argentite used for?

Argentite is primarily used as an ore of silver. It is a valuable source of silver, often mined and processed to extract the precious metal. Silver has various industrial applications, including in electronics, jewelry, and photography.

What is the name of the main ore of silver?

The main ore of silver is called argentite, which is a sulfide mineral composed of silver sulfide (Ag2S).

What type of mineral is argentite?

Argentite (cubic silver sulphide) is only stable above 173 C. The mineral form of silver sulphide (except very deep, I guess) is the monoclinic form: acathite. Silver sulphide is a member of the galena group either way.

What is silver's natural form?

Silver is an alloy consisting of gold and minerals including argentite and chlorargyrite. Copper, gold, lead and zinc are byproducts of silver.

What metal is in argentinite?

Argentite is a mineral composed of silver sulfide (Ag2S). It does not contain a metal in the conventional sense, but rather it is a silver compound mixed with sulfur.

What is silver ore called?

Silver ore is commonly known as argentite or silver sulfide. Other minerals that may contain silver include acanthite, polybasite, and native silver.

Is silver man made or naturally occurring?

Naturally occurring (it is an element), the metal occurs naturally in its pure, free form (native silver), as an alloy with gold and other metals, and in minerals such as argentite and chlorargyrite.

What is the name of the compound with the formula Ag2S?

The compound with the formula Ag2S is silver sulfide. It consists of two silver atoms bonded to one sulfur atom. Silver sulfide is commonly known as the mineral argentite.