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Acquaint, acquired, acquirer, adequacy, adequate, antiques, aquarium, aqueduct, banquets, barbeque, bequeath, bequests, conquest, critique, daiquiri, eloquent, equaling, equality, equalize, equation, frequent, inquests, kumquats, misquote, mosquito, quacking, quagmire, quaintly, quandary, quantify, quantity, quarrels, quarters, quartets, quartile, quenched, question, quibbles, quickens, quickest, quietest, quintets, quirkier, quitters, quitting, quizzing, quotable, quotient, squabble, requests, required, squadron, squashed, squatter, squawked, squealed, squeezed, squirmed, squirrel, squirted, tranquil and vanquish are 8 letter words. They contain the letter q.

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Q: What is an 8 letter word containing the letter q?
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