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good manners=behavior

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Q: What is an 8-letter word for good manners?
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How do you use the word manners in a sentence?

Jimmy has really good table manners. Saying thank you is really good manners. Bob burped and didn't say parden that is NOT good manners! hope these Sentences help you LOL! :D

What are some 8letter words ending with n?

campaign, vacation

Is manners an abstract noun?

Yes, the word 'manners' is an abstract noun as a word for a type of behavior, a word for a concept.

Is cooth really a word?

The actual word is couth. It is pronounce (kooth)-adjective1.showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth: Sending her flowers would be a very couth thing to do.-noun2.good manners; refinement: to be lacking in couth.

Are good manners in today?

That depends on the people with whom one associates. Many have no idea what good manners are or how they would act in polite society. For them, good manners mean nothing. For people who understand manners and courtesy, yes; manners are "in".

Give you a sentence with the word manners?

that girl has great manners

What's the same as having good manners?

The name for good manners is 'Etiquette.'

What is the accepted code of good manners?

There is no single accepted code of good manners because good manners, or etiquette, depends on both the culture and situation.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word stress?

To lay Stress upon good manners.

How do you say be nice in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for Manners is נימוס (nimus) implies good manners. To add the word good would be redundant. Bad manners is a completely different word, gasut (גסות)

Is there another french word that means manners?

Manners are 'les manières' in French. A good synonym would be façon (fem), or comportement, or agissements (usually plural)

What is the plural form of manners?

The word "manners" is the plural form of "manner".