What is aldolase?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Aldolase is an enzyme found throughout the body, particularly in muscles. Like all enzymes, it is needed to trigger specific chemical reactions. Aldolase helps muscle turn sugar into energy.

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Q: What is aldolase?
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idles, idols, ileac, ileal, iliac, iliad, ilial, inane, indie, indol, inion, inlet, inned, inset, intis, iodic, iodin, ionic, iotas, isled, islet, istle, laced, laces, laden, lades, ladle, laics, lanai, lance, lands, lanes, lased, lated, laten, lazed, lazes, leads, leans, leant, least, lends, lenis, lenos, lento, liana, liane, licit, lidos, liens, lilac, lilts, linac, lined, linen, lines, linin, linns, linos, lints, lions, lisle, litai, litas, llano, loads, loans, local, locos, loden, lodes, loins, looed, looie, loons, loose, loots, losel, lotas, lotic, lotos, lotto, naiad, nails, naled, nanas, nasal, natal, nates, nazis, neats, neist, neons, netts, nicad, nicol, nidal, nides, nills, nines, nisei, nitid, niton, nodal, nodes, noels, noils, noise, nolos, nonas, nonce, nones, nonet, noons, noose, nosed, notal, noted, notes, oaten, ocean, octad, octal, octan, octet, odeon, odist, oidia, oiled, olden, oldie, oleic, olein, oleos, olios, ollas, onion, onset, ontic, ootid, oozed, oozes, ostia, ottos, ozone, saice, saint, salad, salal, salic, salol, salon, saned, sated, satin, scald, scale, scall, scant, scatt, scena, scend, scent, scion, scold, scone, scoot, secco, sedan, senna, senti, setal, seton, sidle, since, sited, sized, slain, slant, slate, slice, slide, sloid, snail, snell, snide, snood, snool, snoot, socle, sodic, solan, soldi, soldo, soled, solei, solid, solon, sonde, sonic, sotol, sozin, stade, staid, stain, stale, stall, stand, stane, state, stead, steal, stein, stela, steno, stied, stile, still, stilt, stint, stoae, stoai, stoat, stoic, stole, stone, stood, stool, taces, tacet, tacit, tacos, tacts, taels, tails, tains, taint, talas, talcs, tales, talon, tanto, taste, tates, teals, teats, tecta, teiid, teind, telia, telic, tells, teloi, telos, tends, tenia, tenon, tents, tesla, testa, tical, tidal, tides, tilde, tiled, tiles, tills, tilts, tinct, tinea, tined, tines, tints, titan, titis, title, toads, toast, toile, toils, toits, tolan, tolas, toled, toles, tolls, 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canoed, canoes, canons, canted, cantic, cantle, canton, cantos, caseic, casein, casini, casino, casita, castle, catalo, catena, cation, catlin, catted, cattie, cattle, celiac, cellos, cental, centos, cestoi, cicada, cicala, cicale, cilice, cineol, citied, cities, citola, citole, cleans, cleats, client, clinal, clines, clinic, cloaca, clonal, cloned, clones, clonic, cloots, closed, closet, clozes, coacts, coalas, coaled, coated, coatis, cocain, cocoas, cocoon, codecs, codeia, codein, codens, codlin, codons, coedit, coiled, coined, coital, colead, colics, colies, colins, collet, collie, colone, coloni, colons, colzas, condos, conics, conies, conine, conins, conned, conoid, consol, contes, contos, cooled, coolie, cootie, cosied, cosine, costae, costal, costed, cotans, cottae, cottas, cotton, cozens, cozied, cozies, dacoit, dalasi, dalles, dalton, dances, danios, dattos, deacon, deasil, decals, decant, decoct, delict, delist, deltas, deltic, denial, dental, dentil, dentin, desalt, detail, 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solidi, solion, soloed, sonant, sonata, sonnet, sooted, sotted, sozine, stacte, stadia, staled, stance, staned, stanza, statal, stated, static, stelai, stelic, stella, stoled, stolen, stolid, stolon, stoned, tactic, taenia, tailed, taille, taints, talced, talent, talion, tallit, talons, tanist, tanned, tannic, tasted, tectal, teiids, teinds, telial, telson, tenail, tenant, tendon, tenias, tennis, tenons, teston, ticals, tictac, tictoc, tidies, tildes, tilled, tilted, tincal, tincts, tineal, tineas, tineid, tinned, tinsel, tinted, tisane, titans, titian, titled, titles, tocsin, todies, toiled, toiles, toilet, toited, tolane, tolans, toledo, tolled, tondos, tonics, tonlet, tonnes, tonsil, tooled, tooted, tootle, totals, zanies, zealot, zeatin, zenana, zinced, zincic, zinnia, zodiac, zonate, zooids, zoonal7-letter wordsaccents, accidia, accidie, acedias, acetals, acetins, acinose, aclinic, acnodes, aconite, actinal, actinia, actinic, actinon, actions, aecidia, aeolian, aeonian, ainsell, 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Related questions

How is an aldolase test carried out?

Aldolase is measured by mixing a person's serum with a substance with which aldolase is known to trigger a reaction. The end product of this reaction is measured, and, from that measurement, the amount of aldolase in the.

What is an aldolase test?

Testing for aldolase is done to diagnose and monitor skeletal muscle diseases.

What is the function of aldolase in regulation of glycolysis?

Aldolase inhibits the reaction F-1-P --> glyceraldehyde + dihydroxyacetone.

What is an aldolase?

An aldolase is an enzyme, present in some tissues, which catalyzes the conversion of phosphates of fructose to those of glyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone.

Explain purpose and reason for elevated results of Aldolase with a diagnosis of polymyositis?

Aldolase tests measure muslce or liver damage. Polymyositis damages the muscle tissue. Higher the level of aldolase the more damage there is. Hope this helps.

What is the purpose of an aldolase test?

Muscle weakness may be caused by neurologic as well as muscular problems. The measurement of aldolase levels can help pinpoint the cause. Aldolase levels will be normal where muscle weakness is caused by neurological disease.

Which of the following enzymes is found in glycolysis?


What is a normal Aldolase test result?


Is aldolase a zinc containing enzyme?

Aldolase is one of the enzymes involved in glycolysis, it need zinc for Zn+2 for catalysis. Then it does not contain zinc naturally but zinc will bind to it.

What is the recommended treatment for abnormal aldolase test results?

Aldolase is a muscle enzyme. If the level is low then there is no problem. If the level is high then the treatment is to diagnose and treat the underlying muscle problem.

What is an enzyme that breaks down sucrose?


What type of protein is 3-hydroxy-D-aspartate aldolase?

It is a pyridoxal-phosphate protein.