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Alliteration is for the repetition in a full sentence, if that helps.


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Q: What is a word that means the repetition of consonant sounds in a single word?
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A sentence with consonant?

consonant means sh

What does beginning consonant mean?

A beginning consonant means the beginning of a word. A beginning consonant means the beginning of a word.

How do you make a alliteration sentence with a cat?

Alliteration means to have repetitive first consonant sounds. For instance: Clever cats completely confuse canines.

What does a consonant e mean?

it means the word starts with an "a" then goes any consonant and ends with an "e".

What does consonant mean in music terms?

Consonant means that the notes blend well, while on the other hand, dissonant means they do not blend well. ;P

What does consonant se ts mean in math?

It means it does not change.

What rhymes with rigid And means a single number?

Digit? Well, if you ignore the fact that 't' and 'd' have slightly different sounds.

What 5 letter word has 1 consonant followed by 4 vowels?

Queue has one consonant followed by 4 vowels. It means line.

Is y a vowel in papaya?

I think that Y is always a vowel because it's sound "yuh" sounds like a consonant but when you drag it out it's just "ee-uh". The letter y just means you need to say that sound really fast so it sounds like a consonant. Still, the rule for vowels is A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y, so I guess in this case it would be considered a consonant. In papaya though it's a constanant only because it is used as a constanant in the sylable going pa-pa-ya leaving it to recall "Y".

What is Repetition of data structure?

REPETITION means repeating, or using same thing again and again. It refers to usage of same thing many a times.Example:@ There is repetition of letter 's' in the word 'Mississippi '.@ In this song, the repetition of chorus is more than needed.@ Repetition of first answer will help you memorize it. ==

What is a noun with 5 syllables and means the repetition of a sound?


What does DingoBot mean when it suspects that an answer contains unnecessary repetition?

It means that Dingobot has thinks he has found some unnecessary repetition that can decline the quality of an answer.