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Q: What is a word that means marked or covered with spots starting with mot called?
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What does exceeding targets means?

It means that you exceeded you marked goal.

What is a word that means made up of different parts starting with mot called?


What is marked as spam?

On the internet at forums the messages that people send onto the forum can be marked as spam. This means that they are inappropriate, go against the rules or that the are useless and without content. Most of the time it is the last case that is called spam. I think that this is the answer you were looking for.

What is a burrowing animal covered with bony plates that act as armor?

A burrowing animal covered with bony plates that act as armor is called an armadillo. In Spanish, the word "armadillo" means "little armored one".

What does marked mean in medical terms?

Marked in medical terms means really noticable. For instance, a woman who is 8 months pregnant has marked distention of the abdomen.

What does the medical term marked mean?

"marked" in medical terms means notable. For instance, someone with a bad sunburn might have "marked erythema of the skin," and a pregnant woman might have "marked distension of the abdomen."

What does disease ridden means?

It means full/covered with diseases.

What do micro organisms look like?

micro organisms are covered in hair like structures called the cilia or a flagellum that serve as their means for locomotion

What is a A covered arched passageway with stops on one or both sides called?

avenue It's an Arcade, this also means a Row of Pillared Arches.

What does death-marked love mean?

the tearm "Death marked love" is a way of forshadowing.

Is distance covered during nth second more than the distance covered in n seconds?

Distance covered in nth second means the distance covered in that particular second . It cannot be more than the distance covered in n seconds which means the distance covered in a total time of n seconds.

What does E mean when marked on jewelry?

The "E" means electroplated.