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Q: What is a word that means a pleasant tune and begins with m?
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What is a pleasant word that begins with o?

Oh, ello!

What is the word that means offensive or not pleasant?


What is word that means song?

Tune? Melody? Jam?

Is pleasant a basic word that is a synonym for the word gorge?

No gorge means to put away or eat really fast, pleasant is nice or thoughtful.

What does dulcis mean?

It is a Latin word that means sweet or pleasant

What seven letter word means pleasant?

Darling, amiable...

Does hi and hello are examples of pleasant words?

if you want to learn only one pleasant word in Chinese, learn the word 'hao3', which means good.

A word that begins with bene means?

it means good

What word starts with a P and ends with a T that means pleasing and agreeable?

The word is pleasant.

What part of speech is tune?

The word tune is a noun (tune, tunes) and a verb (tune, tunes, tuning, tuned)."Tune" is a noun as a word for a melody or a song (as in "sing a tune"). It is a verb as a word for adjusting the strings on a musical instrument (as in "tune" a piano.)

Which word that begins with o means to leave out?

A word meaning to leave out which begins with an "o" is omit.

What Afrikaans word begins with the letter i?

"Ik" is an Afrikaans word that begins with the letter "i." It means "I" in English.