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Q: What is a word that means To assign money to a particular purpose?
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What is it called to assign money to a particular purpose?


A sum of money allocated for a particular purpose?


What was the purpose of introducing the DPA?

it means money

What is the definition of fund?

The definition of the word fund is a sum of money made available for a specific purpose. That would be a noun. Using fund as a verb is defined as to provide money for a particular purpose.

Which of the following is true about purpose?

It means using money as intended by Congress

What is the meaning of bring home the bacon?

It means bring home money for a particular family.

Pool of money?

An amount of money to which people have contributed for a particular purpose. The word Kitty also applies, mainly in reference to money in the 'pot' during a card game, or a fund made up as a portion of each pot in a poker game

What is purpose of a job?

what is a purpose of a job? To Get Money

What is the purpose of hustlers?

A hustler is someone who deceives someone else, usually to gain money. Hustlers usually hide their skill in a particular game to lure someone else with lesser skills to gamble money on a match between them.

Why is money invented?

Money is a tool that allows people to assign a value to goods. Without money, people may trade without getting the true value of the item they are trading.

What was the FDIC's purpose?

The purpose was to give money to the bank. It also had the purpose of getting people to put money on other banks that were more popular.

What purpose does a tariff serve?

The purpose of a revenue tariff is to earn money for the govrnment.