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Q: What is a word made from the first letter of each word in name sentence?
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A word made by combining the first letter of each important word in the name of a group or project?


How do you Use artisan in a sentence?

Each of these objects were made by an American Indian artisan.

How many meaningful words can be made from the letter AEHT Using each letter only once?

Words that can be made from AEHT, using each letter only once:A and THEAT and HEHATEHEAT

What is a phrase called that uses all of the letters of the alphabet?

A sentence that contains each letter of the alphabet only once is called a perfect pangram. A pangram is a sentence containing every letter of the alphabet. As far as I know, in English, perfect pangrams can only be made by using abbreviations and/or very obscure words.

What are some sentence that begin with the letter O?

Oh my, that sentence structure made no sense. Other people know my name.

What ten letter word using each letter once can be made from top row of keyboard?


Who made the letter B?

It isn't known which individuals in history actually created each letter of the alphabet.

Written communications 2 00706100?

The four sentences below were part of the same letter. The letter can be made more concise by eliminating which sentence?

What is the simple subject in the sentence people first made glass containers around 1500?

The simple subject of this sentence is "people".

Who is braille and what did they discover?

First of all the inventor of braille is Louis braille he invented braille cause he was blind and wanted other blind people to read so for each letter he poked a dot to feel which made a letter

What is the maximum number of different three letter palindromes you can make using any letter of the alphabet?

The maximum number of different three letter palindromes that can be made using any letter of the alphabet is 1 - that letter repeated 3 times. However, if you meant you can pick any letter for each letter of the palindrome, then: The first and last letters are the same and there is a choice of 26 letters for them; For each choice for the first (and last) letter, there is a choice of 26 letters for the second letter Making a total of 26 × 26 = 676 such three letter palindromes (where case of the letter does not matter).

Can you use the word appareled in a sentence?

The costume manager made sure that he appareled each person wisely.