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Q: What is a word for not charging for services rendered?
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When payment is received for services not yet rendered no entry is recorded until that service has been rendered?

When payment received without services: Debit Cash / bank Credit Unearned revenue When services rendered: Debit Unearned Revenue Credit Services revenue

Does services rendered refer to future services or past services?

it refers to past saervices

Can you prosecute a client who stopped payment on a check for services rendered?

client stopped check on services rendered,after paying the same fee for 3 years.what can i do

What is unearned service revenue?

The revenue for which the services have been rendered but the return for the services i.e revenue, is yet to be received from the person to whom we have rendered the services is called unearned service revenue.

What are the services rendered in a health care center?

Services rendered in a healthcare setting refer to things done for a patient by a doctor or nurse. Some examples of services rendered include the application of bandages, having x rays taken, and being given pain medication.

What are the dimensions of quality for manufactured products and rendered services?

There are several dimensions of quality for manufactured products and rendered services. These include the cost and longevity of the product or service.

What is charging out procedure?

Charging out is the process of invoicing or billing a client for services rendered or products provided. This involves recording the details of the transaction, including the amount due and any terms of payment, and then sending the invoice to the client for payment. It is an important step in the financial management of a business to ensure timely and accurate revenue recognition.

Services rendered in accounting is what account?

revenue account

What are the services rendered by Nigeria university library?


What is the effect on income when service is rendered on credit?

Income from services rendered account will decrease and debtors account will increase

How do you write letter to end services rendered?

An end of service letter should include a request for termination of a contract or services rendered with an brief explanation and requested date of termination.

What is the word services when translated from English to Spanish?

In spanish the word meaning services changes depending on what type of services are being referred to here are some examples of how to write services in spanish servicío-services, revisíon-of a car etc, revissar-service charges, estacíon de servicío-sevices station