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grow up, putting on some weight, giant, mature, magnanimous, courageous, noble

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Q: What is a word for being a bigger person?
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How do you enlarge text being printed on a ip4850 printer?

make the writing bigger on the word document and it will print bigger

What does ''dwarf'' mean?

The word dwarf refers to a mythological person that is small in stature, such as a gnome.

What is the word for a person being experimented on?

The word for a person being experimented on is a "subject."

What is the another word for human being?

An alternative word for "human being" is "person."

What is a word for Person being interviewed for a job?

The person being interviewed is the interviewee. The person conducting the interview is the interviewer.

Why is a bigger person's voice bigger than a smaller person's voice?

A bigger persons voice is bigger than a smaller persons voice because a bigger person chest is bigger while the smallers person chest is smaller.

Is the word 'person' a noun?

Yes, the word 'person' is a noun. It is used to refer to an individual human being.

Why is being the bigger person a better way to respond to injustice?

This question would result in a more useful answer if it gave more examples. Generally speaking, if both individuals in an altercation have similar skills in fighting and identical speed, then a case can be made for the larger person to have an advantage. Since the situation of both persons being equally skilled is perhaps rare, the bigger person may have no fighting skills and be handicapped by being clumsy and awkward. In such a situation a smaller person with fighting skills and close in size to the other person, whatever the "injustice" is the bigger person will not have an advantage.

What is a 10 letter word for an evil natured person or being?

A 10 letter word for an evil natured person or being could be a lawbreaker, psychopath or malevolent.

Is creatures a noun?

Yes, word 'creature' is a noun; a word for a person, animal or other being, real or fictional; a word for a person or a thing.

Is the word person a compound word?

No, the word "person" is not a compound word. It is a standalone word that refers to an individual human being.

What is the word for the level of comfort enjoyed by a person or a society?

The word is "well-being."