What is a weak vowel in English?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are 5/6 vowels.

A E I O U are the main ones. I can only assume you're refering to Y. A half vowel, half consenant.

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Q: What is a weak vowel in English?
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What a diphthong is?

A diphthong is a combination of a strong vowel and a weak vowel, or two weak vowels to make one syllable or sound. The English "long" vowels a, i, and o are diphthongs, having the IPA designation ei, ai and ou respectively.

What is the fourth vowel of the elphabet?

O is the 4th vowel in the English alphabet.

Is celebración a sample of a diptongo?

Yes. A diptongo, or diphthong, is when an unstressed weak vowel and a strong vowel are together in the same syllable. The weak vowels are I, U, and Y. The strong vowels are A, E, and O. In this example the ió makes a diphthong because the i is a weak vowel and is not accented, the o is a strong vowel, and they are both together in the same syllable. This simply means that when pronouncing ió you treat it as one syllable with the sound "yo".

Your mathematics is weak can you do this course?

your English is weak

What is the vowel sound in the word more?

The vowel sound is an "or" which is a long O in US English and a caret O (aw) in British English.

How many vowel sounds and consonant sounds are there in English?

15 vowel sounds (in North American English) 24 consonant sounds

What is the Luhya word for the English word weak?

The Luhya word for the English word weak is dhaifu.

Does every word starting with L have a vowel in it?

every word in the english language has a vowel.

What do you call a letter that's not a vowel?

I do believe that a letter in the English Alphabet which is not a vowel is a consonant.

Does abnormal have a long vowel?

The O could be a long vowel, but as OR is a special vowel sound because of its different pronunciation in US English (or) and British English (aw). Neither of the A's has a long sound.

What is the schwa vowel in cactus?

It is 'u'. The schwa sound is usually produced in a weak syllable.

What does guta mean irsh to English?

A vowel