What is a weak Pokemon team?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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one that is the same type of Pokemon weak levels weak moves and some one who blows at playing

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Q: What is a weak Pokemon team?
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What is Rayquaza weak to in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

ice and dragon if you have a water Pokemon teach it ice beam

How do you beat team rocket in soul silver?

Team rocket is usually realy weak if you have Pokemon in the "teens" level it should be a breese.

What level is Rayquaza in Pokemon red rescue team in sky tower?

The same level as in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue recue team, level 46! Sooo... Weak... lol

Is chimchar Palkia budew mothim Froslass gallade a good team on Pokemon diamond?

No, because it has two weak pokemon. You should get a Rapidash.

What type of Pokemon can defeat kyogre red rescue team?

Kyogre is a Water Type Pokemon. Water Type Pokemon are weak against Electric and Grass Types.

How do you catch 6 level 78 level Pokemon in Pokemon platinum so that you can beat the elite 4?

Level 78 Pokemon are extremely rare, in fact, it probably is impossible for a wild Pokemon to even get that high. The only way then is to train your Pokemon. When training, try to get a diverse range of types and moves so your team won't be weak to a few moves like having an all weak against fire team or all flying team.

Can you train weak Pokemon faster?

yes.Put the weak Pokemon first in the party.Then do a battle switch the weak Pokemon with a strong Pokemon kill the wild Pokemon the weak one will get credit.If you give it an exp.share and do the same thing the weak one will get even more credit.

Is this a good Pokemon team I have a Serperior a Gigalith a Simimpour a Darmanitan a Reshiram and a Sawk?

Yes but darmanitan having half your team being weak to ground is not good

Is Weepingbell a legendary pokemon?

No, in my opinion its just a VERY weak grass type that james (Team Rocket) used to use

What Pokemon are weak to bug Pokemon?

The Pokemon that are weak to bug Pokemon are Pokemon that are the grass, poison, or psychic type.

What are fighting type pokemon weak against?

What are psychic type Pokemon weak against

What are water types weak to?

Water type Pokemon are weak to electric type Pokemon.