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Sims. Virtual Families..

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Q: What is a virtual place that you can have kids and a family?
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What are virtual websites for kids?

Club Penguin, CartoonDollEmporium, Virtual Family Kingdom. Those are just a few.

How do your kids grow up in my virtual family?

It takes about 4 hours of straight play time for kids to grow up on the game "My Virtual Family". Another option to speed up the growth of the kids is to utilize the "time warp'. This process will aid in aging the kids.

Can you have kids in Habbo Hotel?

No!!!! Its NOTHING like Sims or Virtual Family Life!!!!

How do you have a lot of kids on virtual families?

A family can have up to 6 kids. Baby boost helps but do not use to much.

Is Virtual family kingdom fun?

My kids play at Virtual Family Kingdom and it is lots of fun. You can even become a wolf, a fairy or a mermaid. We have great friends there and the outfits are amazing!

Any virtual sites for kids?

Not really a virtual world kids love ---- it is similar to facebook --- but designed for kids and teens. Great place for kids to connect in a safe environment.

Any free virtual worlds for kids 9-10?

yes there is. fantage. fantage is a wonderfull place. :).

A website that you can raise a virtual family with kids with virtual sex?

For any first timers or even experienced guys out there then this is great for filling in those boring nights.

Is there a game that you can have a virtual family?

You can have a virtual family in Sims 3.

Is there a website where you can create a virtual family with kids a husband and a job all for little or no cost?

I know some like imvu, meez, and family kingdom but my favorite is meez.

In Wizards of Waverly Place how many kids are in the Russo family?

3 kids are in Wizards of Waverly Place. Justin, Alex, and Max.

When do you get kids in Virtual Family?

you have to try for a kid. drag 1 parent on top of another, sometimes it does not work but if it does not work try again!