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It's called an instrumental.

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Q: What is a song with no lyrics only the background music?
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What do you call a song WITH lyrics?

music and lyrics = song music and no lyrics = music

Where can i get song lyrics and the music notes to tell me how low or high to sing?

Well first off, you can get song lyrics off the internet or at a music store ( Music Showcase in Florida for example). The only way you can get the pitch of the song is by sheet music, found only in stores/ordering it from internet.

What is the word for a song that only has the singing and not the background music?


How do you put lyrics on your juke?

Well I do not think you can put lyrics on your Juke, but the only best part is the music You can memorize the lyrics to the song.

What makes a song the music or the lyrics?

The music.

What song has lyrics you are the music?

You Are The Music In Me :P

How can you get a piano copy of the music to the song our Delaware?

How can I get the music/lyrics to the song, " Our Delaware."

Looking for the lyrics to God Saw A Cross sung by Kingsmen.?

Christian Music- lyrics to this song in any form that you have.

What are the lyrics to Da Funk by Daft Punk?

Da Funk is a popular song by Daft Punk. There are no lyrics to the song Da Funk as the song is an instrumental song. This means it only contains music without singing.

Can guitar play a hole song but not only play in background music?

yes ,but it will be harder

Whats that song that has the song Ecuador as the background music?

Its Ecuador, its original, its the first song with that background.

What are the lyrics for music music music?

What artist signs the song? There are a few artists with the same song title.