What is a solecism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is a solecism?
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debelled deceased deceases decedent deceived deceiver deceives decemvir decenary decennia decenter decently decentre decerned defeated defeater defecate defected defector defenced defences defended defender defensed defenses deferent deferral deferred deferrer degender degermed dejected dejeuner dejeunes deleaded deleaved deleaves delegacy delegate deleting deletion deletive deletory demeaned demeanes demeanor demented dementia dementis demerara demerged demerger demerges demerits demersal demersed demerses demesnes demetons denetted depeches depeinct depended depeople depermed derelict deselect deserted deserter desertic deserved deserver deserves desexing detected detecter detector detentes detenues deterged deterger deterges deterred deterrer detested detester deveined develing develled develope develops deverbal devested dicentra digerati digested digester digestif digestor dihedral dihedron dilemmas dilemmic dimerise dimerism dimerize dimerous dimeters dimethyl dimetric dinettes 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kneelers kneeling kneepads kneepans kneesies kneesock kohekohe koreroed kreesing labelers labeling labelled labeller labellum lacebark laceless lacelike lacerant lacerate lacertid lacewing lacewood lacework ladening ladettes lagering lakebeds lakeland lakelets lakelike lakeport lakeside lamellae lamellar lamellas lameness lamented lamenter lameters laneways lapelled lateener latences lateness latening latently laterals laterise laterite laterize latewake latewood laveered lavement lavender laverock layerage layering layettes legendry legering legerity leveeing levelers leveling levelled leveller leverage leverets levering libeccio libelant libelees libelers libeling libelist libelled libellee libeller libelous liberals liberate licenced licencee licencer licences licensed licensee licenser licenses licensor lifebelt lifeboat lifebuoy lifecare lifehold lifeless lifelike lifeline lifelong lifesome lifespan lifetime lifeways lifework likeable likelier likeness likening likewake likewalk likewise limeades limekiln limeless limepits limerick limewash lineable lineages lineally linearly lineated linebred linecuts lineless linelike linesman linesmen lipemias liteness literacy literals literary literate literati literato literose liveable livelier livelily livelods livelong livelood liveners liveness livening liveried liveries livering liverish livetrap liveware liveyere liveyers lobefins lobelets lobelias lobeline lodesman lodesmen lodestar lomentum lonelier lonelily loneness lonesome lorettes loveable loveably lovebird lovebite lovebugs lovefest loveless lovelier lovelies lovelily lovelock lovelorn loveseat lovesick lovesome lovevine lowerier lowering lozenged lozenges lucences lucently lucernes luderick lugeings lukewarm lunettes lutecium lutefisk lutenist luteolin lutetium lykewake lykewalk lyrebird lysergic macerals macerate madefied madefies madeiras maderise maderize magentas mageship maieutic majestic makeable makebate makefast makeless makeover maleates maledict malefice malemiut malemute maleness mamelons mameluco mameluke maneging maneless maneuver maremmas mateless matelote matelots material materiel maternal mateship maverick mazelike mazeltov mazement medevacs mementos memetics merengue meresman meresmen meseemed meteoric meterage metering metewand meteyard mezereon mezereum micellae micellar micellas micelles mileages milepost milesian milesimo mimeoing mimester mimetite mineable mineolas minerals minettes minevers mirepoix miseases miseaten misedits misenrol misenter misentry miserere miseries misevent miterers mitering modelers modeling modelist modelled modeller modellos modeming moderate moderato moderner modernes modernly modester modestly mofettes moieties molecast molecule molehill molehunt molerats moleskin molested molester momently momentos momentum monecian monellin monerans monetary monetise monetize moneybag moneyers moneyman moneymen mopehawk moperies morelles morellos moreness moreover morepork moresque moselles moseying motelier moveable moveably moveless movement mozettas mulesing muleteer musettes muteness mycelial mycelian mycelium mycellas myceloid mycetoma myxedema nacelles nakedest nameable nameless namesake nametags nametape naperies navettes nedettes nemesias nepenthe nereides nevelled newelled niceness niceties nidering nigellas ninebark ninefold ninepins nineteen nineties niteries nobelium nocently nonelect nonelite nonempty nonentry nonequal nonesuch nonettes nonettos nonevent nosebags noseband nosedive nosedove nosegays noseless noselike noselite notebook notecard notecase noteless notelets notepads noveldom novelese novelise novelish novelism novelist novelize novellae novellas novenary novercal noverint nubecula nucellar nucellus nudeness numeracy numerals numerary numerate numerics numerous objected objector obsequie observed observer observes obsessed obsesses obsessor obtected obtemper obtended obtested obverses obverted ochering ocherous ockerism octettes oedemata offences offended offender offenses offerees offerers offering offerors oftenest ogreisms ogresses oileries oldening onsetter oogenies orderers ordering orielled oriental oriented orienter ornerier orreries orseille orsellic osieries osselets osseters ossetras osteitic osteitis osteogen osteoids osteomas osteoses osteosis ottering outearns outeaten outedges owleries owrecome owrelays owreword oxhearts oxpecker oxtering paceways padellas paderero pageants pageboys pagefuls pagehood pageview palebuck paleface paleness paleosol palestra paletots palettes paleways palewise panegyry paneless paneling panelist panelled panetela paperboy paperers paperier papering parecism pareiras parellas parelles parental parented parergon paretics paseared patellae patellar patellas patented patentee patently patentor paterero paternal pavement pederast pederero pedestal pekepoos pelerine peperino peperoni peregals peregrin pereions pereiras perentie pereopod petechia petering peterman petermen phaeisms phaetons pheesing pheezing phlegmon phreaked phreaker phreatic phrenism pigeoned pigeonry pikelets pileated pileless pilework pilewort pimenton pimentos pinecone pineland pinelike pineries pinesaps pinewood pipeages pipeclay pipefish pipefuls pipeless pipelike pipeline piperine pipestem pipetted pipettes pipework pipewort podestas pokefuls pokerish pokeroot pokeweed poleaxed poleaxes polecats poleless polemics polemise polemist polemize polentas polestar poleward pomeroys popedoms popehood popeless popelike popeling poperies poperins popeseye popeship popettes poseable poserish poseuses potences potently powerful powering praecipe praedial praefect praelect praetors preedits preelect preemies preempts preenact preeners preening preerect preeving preexist priedieu priested priestly prieving proemial proettes pubertal pucelage pucelles pudendal pudendum purebred pureeing pureness pyaemias pyrenoid pyrexial pyrexias quaestor queendom queenier queenies queening queenite queenlet queerdom queerest queering queerish queerity quiesced quiesces quietens quieters quietest quieting quietism quietist quietive quietude racecard racegoer racemate racemise racemism racemize racemoid racemose racemous racepath racewalk raceways rakehell rakeoffs rakeries ramekins ramentum ramequin rapeseed rarebits rarefied rarefier rarefies rareness rareripe rateable rateably ravelers raveling ravelins ravelled raveller raveners ravening ravenous razeeing reaedify rebegins rebeldom rebelled rebeller rebellow receding receipts receival received receiver receives recement recensed recenses recensor recenter recently recentre receptor recessed recesses redecide redeemed redeemer redefeat redefect redefied redefies redefine redeless redemand redenied redenies redeploy redesign refected refelled refenced refences refereed referees referent referral referred referrer regeared regelate regences regental rehearse reheated reheater reheeled rehemmed rejected rejectee rejecter rejector rekeying relearns relearnt released releasee releaser releases releasor relegate relented reletter relevant remeaded remedial remediat remedied remedies remeding remeided remelted remember remended remerged remerges renegade renegado renegate renegers reneging renegued reneguer renegues renested renewals renewers renewing reneying repealed repealer repeated repeater repegged repelled repeller repented repenter repeople reperepe reperked reperuse repetend rerecord reremice reremind rerented rerepeat rereview rerevise rereward resealed research reseason reseated resected resecure reseeded reseeing reseized reseizes reselect reseller resemble resented resenter reserved reserver reserves resetted resetter resettle resewing reteamed reteller retemper retested revealed revealer revehent reveille revelers reveling revelled reveller revenant revenged revenger revenges revenual revenued revenuer revenues reverbed reverend reverent reverers reveries reverify revering reverist reversal reversed reverser reverses reversis reversos reverted reverter revested revestry revetted reveuses reweaved reweaves rewedded reweighs rewelded rewetted rezeroed rezeroes ricebird ricercar rideable rifeness rimeless rimester ripeners ripeness ripening riteless ritenuto rivelled riverain riverbed riverets riverine riverman rivermen riverway riveters riveting rivetted rodeoing rodeways rogering rokelays roneoing ronepipe ropeable ropelike roperies ropewalk ropeways ropework rosebays rosebowl rosebuds rosebush rosefish rosehips roseless roselike rosellas roselles rosemary roseolar roseolas roseries roseroot roseslug roseting rosetted rosettes rosewood rotenone roweling rowelled rozelles rozeting rubefied rubefies rubellan rubellas rubeolar rubeolas rudeness ruderals ruderies rugelach ruleless rulering runelike sabellas sabering sacellum safeness safetied safeties sageness sagenite sakerets saleable saleably salering saleroom salesman salesmen saleyard sameness saneness sapegoes sateless satelles saveable savegard saveloys saveying sazeracs schedule schellum schemata schemers schemies scheming scherzos scienced sciences scienter sclereid sclerema sclerite scleroid scleroma sclerose sclerous screaked screamed screamer screechy screeded screeder screened screener screenie screeted screeved screever screeves screichs screighs screwers screwier screwing screwtop screwups sebesten seceders seceding secerned secesher seceshes sederunt selectas selected selectee selectly selector selenate selenian selenide selenite selenium selenous semester senecios serenade serenata serenate serenely serenest serening serenity setenant sevenths severals severely severest severies severing severity sewellel sewerage sewering sheeling sheeneys sheenful sheenier sheenies sheening sheepcot sheepdog sheepier sheepish sheepman sheepmen sheerest sheering sheerleg sheeters sheetfed sheetier sheeting shielded shielder shieling shlemiel shlepped shlepper shoebill shoehorn shoeings shoelace shoeless shoepack shoepacs shoetree shredded shredder shreeked shreiked shrewder shrewdie shrewdly shrewing shrewish shtetels shweshwe sidearms sideband sidebars sidecars sidehill sidekick sideline sideling sidelock sidelong sidenote sidepath siderate sidereal siderite sideroad sideshow sideslip sidesman sidesmen sidespin sidestep sidewalk sidewall sideward sideways sidewise silenced silencer silences silenter silently silesias sinecure sinewier sinewing sirenian sirenise sirenize siserary sitellas sizeable sizeably sizeisms sizeists skeechan skeelier skeerier skeering skeeters skieyest sklented skreeghs skreighs sleeches sleekens sleekers sleekest sleekier sleeking sleepers sleepery sleepier sleepily sleeping sleepout sleetier sleeting sleeveen sleevers sleeving sleezier sloebush sloetree smeeched smeeches smeeking sneerers sneerful sneerier sneering sneeshan sneeshes sneeshin sneezers sneezier sneezing soberest sobering soberise soberize solecise solecism solecist solecize soleless solemner solemnly soleness solenoid solerets soleuses 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Related questions

What is a sentence for Solecism?

Frank's solecism caused his debate team much embarrassment.

How do you use solecism in a sentence?

Frank's solecism caused his debate team much embarrassment.

What is the word for an error or slip of manners?


What is a 8 letter word for soical blunder?


What is synonym for misplacement?

antedate, metachronism, misdate, misplacement, postdate, prolepsis, solecism

What is an example of solecism?

I don't knowwww Edit: a solecism is a grammatical error, often produced by unnecessary redundancies and double negatives. Two examples of solecisms are "I ain't done nothing," in place of "I haven't done anything," and "the problem being that" in place of "the problem is." Some solecisms are acceptable for artistic use, but most are not approved of in prose.

What is the synonym of frailty?

Achilles heel*, blemish, daintiness, debility, decrepitude, defect, deficiency, delicacy, error, failing, fallibility, fault, feebleness, flimsiness, foible, foil, imperfection, infirmity, peccability, peccadillo, shortcoming, solecism, suscept, weak point

What is the synonym of the word blunder?

blooper, boner, boo-boo, bungle, dumb move, dumb thing to do, error, fault, faux pas, flub, flub-up, fluff, gaffe, goof, howler, impropriety, inaccuracy, indiscretion, lapse, muff, oversight, slip, slip-up, solecism, trip

What is a French word for social blunder?

Main Entry:faux pasPart of Speech:nounDefinition:social errorSynonyms:blooper, blooper, blunder, blunder in etiquette, boo-boo, botch, breach, break, bungle, colossal blunder,error, flop, flub, foul-up, gaffe, gaffe, gaucherie,goof, hash, impropriety, indecorum, indiscretion,mess, mess-up, misconduct, misjudgment, misstep,mistake, offense, oversight, slip, social blunder ,solecism, transgression

How can thaw and unthaw mean the same thing?

Because its the neologists fault that they made the words and meant the same thing. P.S. neologists are people that make up words. (i just saved a lot of time by keeping you from looking it up in a dictionary) You are welcome.

What are some eight letter words with 1st letter S and 3rd letter L and 5th letter C and 6th letter I and 7th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 3 words with the pattern S-L-CIS-. That is, eight letter words with 1st letter S and 3rd letter L and 5th letter C and 6th letter I and 7th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: solecise solecism solecist

What is a big word used to describe when people use big words incorrectly?

"Solecism" would cover it, though that can mean any mistake in language. "Hypercorrection" is another useful word. It describes when people are trying so hard to avoid one mistake that they make another. For example, saying "whom" even where "who" would be appropriate: "Support our teachers, whom have simply had enough!" Answer The word you are looking for is malapropism, it means if someone tries to sound intelligent, and they use big words in the wrong context. Another word for that would be dogberryism which means the same thing.