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It is the tundra.

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Q: What is a six letter word for a level treeless plain in artic areas?
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A level, treeless plain in Artic areas.?


What is the treeless plain of the arctic region called?

A cold treeless lowland area, permanently frozen, known as Tundra. It supports small shrubs, mosses and grasses

Add two consonants to the word tuna for the meaning a level treeless plain in arctic areas?


A level or treeless area of land what is that?

A level or treeless area of land is typically known as a plain. Plains are large expanses of flat land that are often characterized by grasses, shrubs, or crops, and they can be found in various regions around the world. Plains are important for agriculture and provide habitats for a variety of plant and animal species.

How do you describe prairie?

It is a level, mostly treeless land that has fertile soil and coarse grass.

What is another word for the meaning of a level treeless plain in an Arctic area that only has six letters in it?


What are tundras?

one of the vast, nearly level, treeless plains of the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America.

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A state is divided into sections, each called this. county To say the number in order. count The sister o your mother. aunt A fish popular for eating in sandwiches. Tuna A level, treeless plain in Artic areas. Tundra Bathtand sinks have ______s for the water to go down. drain Precipition. rain Trains travel on ____s. rail You pound this with a hammer. nail Another word for country. Nation

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