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SCAR using the include SRL (SCAR Resource Library) is the best free autominer or auto-everything for Runescape. It is the oldest macro or auto for Runescape.

It has several communities dedicated to making scripts for SCAR. Scripts are bascially the programs created by the communtiy users for everyone to use for free. SCAR with SRL is completely undetectable unlike Runscape Java based Bots. You will not get banned period using SCAR with SRL.

Here is a massive guide detailing everything you need to know about downloading and installing SCAR with SRL. It has links to the communities that create and make these auto's and macros as well.

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Q: What is a safe free rune scape autominer?
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Will you get found out if you use EpicBot?

Most probably not. Old bots are rubbish and you'll get found out and BANNED from Rune Scape - your account may even be deleted!!! So, to be safe, use EpicBot to get your Rune Scape skills up! Note: It is NOT against the law to use bots on Rune Scape, and it is not sinful either. It is just like going on a cheat website to complete an RS quest!

Is it safe to buy rune scape items or will Jagex boot you from the game?

It is safe is you buy it from other players, for RuneScape coins. If you buy with real money from some website, you are breaking the RuneScape rules, and it is therefore not safe.

RuneScape How long can you keep autominer on?

around -1 minutesBut practically you should be safe (not banned) until sb reports u

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Answer: No bot is safe, all include inherent dangers to your account as well as your computer. First, many of those bots can include malicious software, that may steal your RuneScape password, among other things. Second, botting is against the rules, and if you get caught, your account may get permanently banned.

How do you get to death plateau n rune scape?

You get there from Burthorpe, walking north. Be careful, there are many aggresive trolls - be sure you have an emergency teleport ready. After the quest "Death Plateau", you have access to a relatively safe route; right now I am not sure whether this quest is required to access the Death Plateau at all, or not.

Are there any good runescape autobots?

There is only ONE good, safe and fun autobot for Rune Scape - EpicBot. It mimicks human actions, like - it eats food when low, it can bank or withdraw items, it even has breaks like a human would. It includes many autobots - here are a few: AutoFighter AutoFisher AutoThiever AutoChopper AutoCooker AutoFletcher + more!

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No! stay away from it, its a scam. it is free, but not safe.

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