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Sacred ash is an item held by Ho-oh that revives all of the Pokemon in your party that are fainted and their Hp is completely restored. It is very useful if you save it until the Pokemon league. WARNING: only works once. Once you use it it disappears.

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Q: What is a sacred ash in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Were is ash in Pokemon HeartGold?

Ash is not in Pokemon HeartGold, but Red is able to battle on the Summit of Mt. Silver.

Is Red Ash in pokemon heartgold?

No, Pokémon HeartGold's Red is not Ash.

How do you use the item Sacred Ash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sacred ash can be used to revive all fainted Pokemon in your party.

Can you battle trainer ash in Pokemon HeartGold?

no but trainer red is basically ash

What Pokemon does Ash have in heart gold?

Only Ho-Oh has sacred ash

What do you have to do after you fight ash in Pokemon heartgold?

That's not ash its trainer red although he's based off from Pokemon yellow.

Where to get sacred ash on Pokemon emereld?

from boos and from mali

Where do you get secret sash in HeartGold?

You might mean "sacred ash" rather than "secret sash". If this is the case, you need to catch Ho-oh. Ho-oh will be holding the Sacred Ash.

What Pokemon do ash have on heartgold in mt silver?

Pikachu Lapras Snorlax

How does sacred ash work on Pokemon crystal?

youtube has your answers

Is red ash on Pokemon HeartGold?

Kinda, Ash in the anime was based off of Red from the original Pokemon games Red and Blue. That's why all his Pokemon are similar.

How do you catch a Sacred- Ash in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Navel rock,battle Ho-oh and use the item finder on the spot where he was to get sacred ash.