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It's the giant grey thing on the power adapter.

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Q: What is a power brick on the xbox 360?
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Can you use a xbox 360 slim power brick with an original xbox for its power brick?

No. They are very different.

What does the Xbox 360 power brick do?

It avoids xbox form burning out or messing up

How do I fix my xBox 360 as it freezes after installing blackops 2?

Restart your Xbox by unplugging the power brick

Can you use a xbox 360 power brick with an original xbox for its power brick?

yes it does put in the new power brick is a conected little piece of plastic which doesnt need to be there so all you need to do is snap it off carefully that's what i did and now it fits the xbox 360 and works perfectly

Are Xbox 360 elite power supply different from Xbox 360?

Nope same 90 pound power brick. On the other hand it does have a different connection. A bit of plastic in the middle which does not exists on older models, when plugging into your 360.

Where can one purchase an XBox 360 power brick?

XBox 360 power brick can be purchased on sites like eBay and Amazon, your bound to find these power adapters at a low price. Customers can read reviews and sellers ratings before they purchase to ensure the product is correct and works well.

What is the voltage on a NTSC xbox 360 power brick?

Input: AC 100-127 Output: DC 12V

What are the Xbox 360 Slim accessories?

control,power brick,usb memory card,system,av normal cables,and power cord

Why does your xbox 360 keep flashing 3 red lights even though you just got a new power brick?

The power brick is NOT the problem, the xbox is, you need to get the xbox repaired. Go online to OR call 1-800-4-myxbox. Samething happened to me a while ago. HotKookies

Are there two different types of power cords for the old XBOX 360 and new XBOX 360?

yes there is 2 different power cords for the regular xbox and the xbox 360. So you will have to go buy a 360 power cord.

What does it mean when your xbox 360 has 2 red lights and an amber light on the power brick?

that means you got two of the four parts of the red ring of death

Does the InterCooler work for Xbox 360 and what are the effects of using the InterCooler?

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use the Nyko InterCooler for your Xbox 360. There have been a large number of cases where the Nyko InterCooler actually shortens the life of the Xbox 360 rather than lengthen it. This happens mainly because the Xbox 360 is set to run on a certain amount of power, and the "brick" supplies that amount of power. When the InterCooler is attached, it saps power from the Xbox 360 to work the fans. In response, the Xbox 360's fans do not get the amount of power that they need to work correctly usually causing the Xbox 360 to overheat. Overheating is the main cause of the infamous 3 red rings of death, the 1 red ring of death, and other fatal problems. Additionally, some cases report that the plastic from the Nyko InterCooler has melted onto the Xbox 360 console. A few people have even been unlucky enough to have the Nyko InterCooler pull out pins from the motherboard upon removal. Again, do not, I repeat, DO NOT use the Nyko InterCooler for your Xbox 360.