What is a pk diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are adventure games developed by Game freak and Creatures and published by Nintendo. You start your adventure in Twinleaf Town and progressing to Lake Verity where you meet Dawn/Lucas and Professor Rowan. They leave a briefcase beside the lake with three Pokemon in it. Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup. You are attacked in the tall grass by two starlys and you are forced to choose one of the Pokemon. I chose Chimchar. You give Rowan back the briefcase and you receive 5 pokeballs and a Pokedex. You get to keep the Pokemon. After Progressing through most of the game you surf or fly over to the Pokemon League where you challenge the Elite 4 and Champion Cynthia. You beat them and you've nearly finished the game. Next you finish the Sinnoh Pokedex, then go to the national pokedex and finish that by migrating Pokemon from Kanto and Hoenn by finishing Pokemon leaf green, fire red, ruby and sapphire to retrieve the other Pokemon. You will soon be able to get the Johto region with the new Heart Gold and Soul Silver games. ByMichaelG120

My game Monopoly

I like this game because it is fun, you can play it with lots of people like your family which becomes more fun with your family, its interesting and its just a nice simple relaxing game.

I recommend it to all ages above 7 year olds.


Pokemon platenum

I like all Pokemon but I have to say this game is the best because of the new way to play the game. I love Pokemon platenum (again) because of the new Pokemon like Giratena origanform Shaman skyform. I also like the fact that you can catch Deilger and Palker on theSAME GAME!!!!!!!!! (I just wish it was on Nintendo wii)(try to catch Arceus by using the Arceusflut on spear pillar)


Doggy Chef

My game is about making Sushi for a dog and it is on computer. The game is in Chinese language. The pictures in the game will show you how to make sushi. The game is very easy to play.

I think that I can recommend the game to my friends. I can also recommend the game to my teacher and my cousins.It is simple like other games.

Anybody can like the game.My brothers might not like it.

By JagY ByJagY

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Hi Ayyan Need for Speed most wanted is the coolest game EVER! There is a blacklist of 15 people that you have to race.

You can customize your car with heaps of cool upgrades like spoilers,body kits,nitro.

My best car in Need for Speed Most Wanted is a Lamborghini Murcielago

Need for Speed Most Wanted is for PS2, PC,Xbox,Xbox360 and PS3 I think

I recommend this game for 9 years up


There is no swearing in the game. ByAdrianC9

Animal Crossing

I love Animal Crossing on wii it is the best. There are competitions and I done one were you have to catch a massive horse mackerral. I won of course. You can take the bus to the town center and there are lots of shops there.One called redds shop he sells fake paintings and stuff for about 5,876 pounds. It is my best game ever you need to get it . You can also get this wirless thing that you can talk threw it rocks. Thanx for reading my article. ByChelseaA16


Some games have two players, some games don't.The games are WWe. It's easy to finish but it's still my favourite game.You can be lots of players and you can pick a place to vs. It's cool as you have to unlock new players like Mark Henry.

By Omar. ByOmarB1

Pilot Academy

Hi Ayyan! Pilot academy is a game where you have to fly a scale model plane. It is a simulator. You go up levels and as you complete them you unlock new aircraft. It is a very cool game and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a pilot when they are older. It is available on PSP. Thanks! ByHenryP14

LoZ: Twilight Princess

This, as said by many, would have been a great end to the Legend of Zelda chronicles but they are still going! It was originally released in 2006 on GameCube until the Wii came out. Seeing as though Link is left handed but most people are right they had to a mirror version of GameCube! It is my favourite Legend of Zelda (even though I also own Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past!)

It was rated M for its scary themes and moderate violence but there's no blood, no gore just incredibly detailed graphics! I recommend this to ages 10 and up. I give it 5 stars ***** and I hope they make more games!

I hope you enjoy it because I did and that you consider buying it!

Just because its M doesn't mean its bad, it should be rated PG.

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Q: What is a pk diamond?
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