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The photon drop is actually for an online quest i believe, you can collect them and talk to a certain person and he will trade you items for the photon drops. however if (like me) you dont play the online version, they are just a nice item to sell to the shops. Personally, I like to keep them in my bank account instead of selling them right away. That way if you fill up your account to maximum meseta, you can still have these photon drops that are worth a specific amount (1000 i believe?), which can also be nice for trading or transferring money between characters.

Another use for them is getting 99 monomates, dimates, trimates, monofluids or any item you can normally carry 10 of. you have the 99 photon drops in your bank (i think it should work with any other amount of photon drops too) and you have the one item that you want to duplicate in your bank, and none with you in your item pack. Next you go to your bank, go to take, items, then go down to the photon drops. Next you take them all out, but when she asks if you want to take them all out you reply no. Then you go to the item you want duplicated eg. moon atomizers, (make sure you have no moon atomizers in your item pack) and take the one out, say yes, take it out again, say yes again, and you should have 99 moon atomizers in your item pack (or how ever many photon drops you have in your bank). This cheat is really helpful for high level forces because you can just make 99 Trifluids and go all out with magic. WARNING: this may be just coincidence, but with every character that has used this cheat for me can't seem to find red items anymore, for the past 5 levels on ultimate ruins I have not found a single red item, it may just be coincidence though, but it is an amazing way to level up though.

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Q: What is a photon drop used for in phantasy star online episode 1 2 plus offline mode?
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