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Generally, such a position is held during the monarch's minority, in which case the person is known as a regent. This title however is interchageable and is also synonymous with Lord Protector and other variants.

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Q: What is a person that rules in place of a king or queen?
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A person who rules in a place of a king or queen -?

a Regent

Who rules for king or queen until they are old enough to rule?

A king and/or queen

Does a king or queen rule in a constitutional monarchy?

No because a king or queen rules in monarchy

Who rules the land the land king or queen?

Queen rule's.

What is a country ruled by a king or queen?

A Kingdom A monarchy. A type of government where a king or queen rules.

Who rules in absolute monarchy?

The king or queen.

What is the monarcy?

They are when a king/Queen rules a country.

Who ruled a monarchy?

The Monarch rules, also known as a King or Queen, depending.

What do you you call a time during a queen rules?

Reign is he period during which a king or queen occupies the throne (or rules).

What is the queen doing there when the king is here?

A King's wife is called the Queen. A woman who rules in her own right is also called a Queen.

How is Queen Elizabeth a queen and Prince Philip not king?

cause she rules everything

What was the roman monarchy?

wher the king or queen rules.