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Q: What is a one word for a person who loves money?
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Can you give one word for wellpaid sportsman?

A rich person that loves sports.

What is the latin word felia domesticus means?

Felia is a word for one way love( one person loves but not other)

What is a one word substitute for one who loves water?

Though it is almost never used for a person, it would be a hydrophile.

Which one of Spongebob's friends loves money?

Eugine Krabs (Krusty Krab owner) loves money.

Is Je t'aime for girl or boy?

Je t'aime is not gender-specific, but it is number specific, i.e. one person loves one person, but it can be: (1) one boy loves one girl, (2) one boy loves one boy, (3) one girl loves one boy, or (4) one girl loves one girl.

Is the word love a concrete noun?

No, the noun 'love' is an abstract noun, a word for an emotion.However, the noun 'love' is also used as a word for a person or a thing that one loves. In that context, the noun love is a concrete noun as a word for that person or that thing.

One who loves his country?

A person that loves their country is referred to as a patriot.

Who one SpongeBob loves money?

Mr.Krabs, of course. :]

What is the word for one who loves to read?

Someone who loves books is called a bibliophile.

One word for a man who loves his own country?

One word that would describe somebody who loves their country would pop into my head as a PATRIOT.

Which one will you choose either who loves you are who you love?

Choose the one who loves you......he/she might not be as good looking as the one you love, but at least you know that you can always rely on the person who loves you.

Two Person on a death bed one is whom you love and another is who loves you and you can save only one whom would you save?

i will save the person who loves me rather than the person i love