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The answer is a chore.

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Q: What is a job around the house that you add two letters to ore?
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What job is and how to do job?

A job is to help out around house or do something!

What are PAID jobs to do around the house?

Any job around the house will do, as long as your parents agree to pay you for them

Im 11 where can you get a job?

Get a job as ababysitter, dog walker, or do chores around the house

What kind of job can a ten year old do to get some money?

chores around the house chores around the house chores around the house newspaper boy or girl

How can you get money today?

By having a job or if your not old enough do some job around the house for your parent or guardian

You are nine and you want a job what can you do?

You can't have an actual job,but you can do chores for your parents around the house, and get paid for that. Nine is WAY to young to have a job.

If you are 9 how can you earn money?

By doing chores for your family and/or people you know in the neighborhood. You cannot legally get an outside paying job at this age. you can get a summer job; or help around the house. or just ask everyone if you can have 3 dollars or more (it will eventually add up).

What was a servants job?

clean up around the house

Were can a 9 near old get a job?

You could possibly get a job helping around the house,and get allowance from your parents. You might be able to get a job baby sitting.

What is the best way to add a front porch to a house?

The best way to add a front porch to your house is to hire a contractor. Builders and electricians are needed to ensure it is done properly. Don't forget to obtain the proper permits before you start the job.

Can you unscramble these letters to make a job kaqwielrgrzq 7 letters?


What is a job with nine letters?