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Q: What is a group of letters at the start of a word called?
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What group of letters is at the start of a word called?


What is a Group of letters called?

A word. Many groups of letters is called a sentence(:

What group of letters coming after the root word and changing the meaning is called a?

Your're looking for the word suffix.

What is a single word made up of the first letters of a group of words called?


What is that game that from one word you have to make lots of words?

The game is called anagram. You take a word or group of letters and scramble them to create a new word or phrase.

What is it called with you can form a word using the letters of another word?

The process of forming a word using the letters of another word is called an anagram.

What part of a word comes at the beginning?

The beginning of a word is called the prefix. It is a group of letters added to the beginning of a root word to change its meaning.

Is the word alphabets equivalent to alphabet letters in common usage?

No. The word "alphabet" only refers to the group of letters; it does not refer to the individual letters themselves. There seems to be a tendency for people from India to misuse the word "alphabet" in place of the word "letter."

Why does everything start with letters?

Numbers don't start with letters..... New answer. Numbers do start with letters whovever asked this is S t u p i d they start with letters because letters tell us how to say the word

What is the name for a Japanese word but not the Kanji symbols?

Aside from Kanji, there is Hiragana and Katakana (which are under a group called Kana). When Japanese is written using English letters (technically Latin letters), it's called "romaji" or romanization.

Two words-first word seven letters start with n second word three letters start ends with y?

naughty boy

What is a group of letters added to a end to a word to make a new word?