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The word is - prairie.

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Q: What is a grassy plain in north America called starting with a p?
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What is the north American treeless grassy plain called?

The treeless grassy plain in North America is called the prairie.

What is grassy plain in north America and starts with pra?


What central part of this continent has much grassland?

The central part of the continent known as North America has a vast grassland region called the Great Plains. This area spans from Canada in the north to Texas in the south and is characterized by flat terrain and grassy landscapes.

What is the t-rex's habitat?

The grassy plains of North America, 65 million years ago.

What type of environment does the American bison live?

i think its like grassy plains in north America

In which direction is Europe from North America?

East, or north east, depending on specifically where you were starting from in North America.

Which land form is wide-open grassy and flat?

A prairie is a wide-open, grassy, and flat landform typically found in North America. It is characterized by its vast expanses of grasses, flowers, and other low-lying vegetation.

What were the first cowhands in North America called?

do you know what were the first cowhands in north America called do you know what were the first cowhands in north America called

Why is North America called Anglo America?

its North America but in Spanish i think

Where is eyebright grown?

Eyebright is typically found growing in parts of Europe, North America, and some parts of Asia. It thrives in grassy or sandy soils in meadows, fields, and pastures. Eyebright is commonly cultivated in herb gardens for its medicinal properties.

Which geographic region of north America has rolling flatlands with many rivers broad river valleys and grassy hills?

The Great Plains region of North America fits this description. It includes states such as Kansas, Nebraska, and parts of Texas, featuring vast flatlands, rivers like the Missouri and Mississippi, and grassy hills suitable for agriculture and grazing.

What is a flat treeless grassy plain?

A flat treeless grassy plain is called a steppe. It is characterized by vast expanses of grassland with few trees and a semi-arid climate. Steppe regions are found in various parts of the world, including parts of Eurasia and North America.