What is a good nickname for shinx?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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shadowbolt is what the best name i can think of

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Q: What is a good nickname for shinx?
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What is a good nickname for a male shinx?

For a Male Shinx......Here are some good ones, Spark Sparkx Inazuma (Japanese for Lightning) Kaminari (Japanese for Thunder) Supaki(Japanese for Sparky) StormBlade StormRunner LightningRacer That's all I could think of.... Hope It Helped ^^ -Bolt The Electric Lucario

What is a good name for a girl shinx?

Miss Sparky, Sparkina, are the names i Nicknamed my female shinx.

Is shinx a good pokemon?

its alright...but luxray is better

How hevey is the shinx?

shinx's weight is 20.9lbs. shinx's weight is 20.9lbs.

Why is Shinx called Shinx?

I think it's because a Shinx is a burst or "shock" of ideas

Who is better Pikachu or shinx?

I would say Shinx, because Pikachu evolves into Raichu and Raichu doesn't have any good moves. But Shinx evolves into Luxio than Luxray and they both have have really strong moves. (My Luxray beat the Champion!!)

Explorers of sky how do you be a boy shinx?

You can't be a girl if you want shinx! Yes, you can! I am a shinx girl!

What Pokemon does shinx breed with?

Shinx can breed with an Eevee. I'm not sure what other Pokemon Shinx can breed with.

Why did the eygptains build the great shinx?

It is Sphinx not Shinx.

What type of Pokemon is shinx?

Shinx is a electric type

What is the evolution of shinx?

Shinx evoles into Luxio evoles into Luxray

How do you beat Dialga in explorers of sky with torchic and shinx?

well for shinx i used discharge and torchic flamethrower its good if you have dig i was a lvl 75shinx and 70 torchic (i used gold seeds)