What is a good nickname 4 dusknoir?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If u can't think of 1 keep it dusknoir, but a few that I might do would be Dusk, Noir, or possibly Gripper because it's the gripper pokemon. Dusknoir is also sometimes commanded to take people to the spirit world, so Killer might work too. look in the pokedex 4 info which might help u think up a good nickname. And theres always the name rater in Eterna City.......

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Q: What is a good nickname 4 dusknoir?
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Is dusknoir evil or good in Pokemon in explorers of time?


What type of Pokemon is Dusknoir?

Dusknoir is a Ghost type pokemon.

Where do you find dusknior in emerald?

dusknoir is only in gen 4. diamond, pearl, etc.

How is Dusknoir better than Dusclops?

Since Dusknoir is the evolved form of Dusclops, Dusknoir should have higher stats, as usually is with most Pokemon.

What level is dusknoir?

dusknoir comes at the level at which someone trades you at. it doesnt evolve by leveling somebody has to trade you the dusknoir while it is holding the reaper cloth

Is this a good team for Pokemon platinum Infernape Gallade Gliscore Vaporeon Dusknoir and Staraptor?


Can dusknoir learn punishment in Pokemon platinum?

i do not have that in my database, no dusknoir cannot learn punishment.

Where do you catch dusknoir in Pokemon diamond?

You can't catch dusknoir to get one trade dusclops.

Can a dusknoir fly?


Is nan a good nickname for Hannah?

If you like 'Nan' as a nickname, then yes, it is a good nickname.

What level is dusknoir in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

dusknoir is around lvl.47

How do you get the famous dusknoir on your team?

well you cant unless you have that weird zombie thing that evols to a dusknoir