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Splash, because he/she has a splash of colors on him/her! Well tie dye! Leapster

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Q: What is a good name for a webkinz tie dye frog?
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What is the webkinz code to the tye die frog?

Why? Do you think that all the Tie Dye Frog's have the same code? Because, they do NOT. Every Tie Dye Frog has a different code. Each VERY unique.

What does the tye-dye frog webkinz look like on the computer?

It looks like a green frog with darker green patches on it.

What new webkinz are coming out late 2008?

the tie dye frog and love frog Easter Duck and Love puppy and Love Frog and butterfly and kangaroo

New webkinz for late 2008?

they are coming out with a tie dye frog and 2 other ones i forgot;]

Are tyhere any reptile Webkinz?

Yes, there are several reptile Webkinz available. Some examples include the Gecko, Turtle, and Chameleon. Each Webkinz plush toy comes with a unique code that allows access to the virtual world of Webkinz online.

When will the webkinz tie-dye frog going to be the pet of the month?

on it tells pets of the month for a couple months before but noboby really knows

What does Webkinz Googles dye do?

They help you

Which Webkinz do Madelyn and Cara Gosselin own?

According to fans of reality TV family The Gosselins: The Gosselin family owns- The Hippo The Tree Frog The Bengal Tiger The Tye Dye Frog The Persian Cat The Penguin Black and White Cat The deer

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