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Maybe a popular female person name: Qweenie, Princess, Jenny, or Maura.

maybe some others that are more unique, like pounce, Lionetta, DoNotMessWithMe, or goldina

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Q: What is a good name for a Lioness Webkinz?
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What should you name your Webkinz sea lion?


What is the most popular lioness name on webkinz?

Roara is like a boy name but has an A at the end!

Is a webkinz lioness a bear or a lion?

it is a lion Lioness means female lion.

What is one unused Webkinz Lioness code?


Is the webkinz lioness retired?

I dont think so

Can the Webkinz Lioness only be a girl and the Lion only a boy?

well a lioness is a girl lion but on webkinz it can be either same with the lion hope i helped so yeahhhh

What are good girl names for a lioness?

Some good girl names for a lioness could be Nala, Leona, Zahra, or Safiya.

Is there a webkinz love lion?

Yes there is a love LION but no love lioness

What does a mature lioness mean?

it means a good fully grown female lion hence the name lioness

What is a good name for a webkinz wooly mammoth?

A good name for the webkinz Woolly Mammoth is Walter. (that's miens name!)

What is the name of a lion's wife?


Is cereal a name for a Webkinz?

Yes. A ceral is a good name for a webkinz. Corn Flakes, Luck Charms