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This depends on what kind of player you are:

As an assault class I would choose the M4A1 with Holographic sight (adds +5 damage, red dot sight doesn't) and silencer. As secondary weapon you should use the AA12 shotgun with grip.

Perk 1: Bling (pro)

Perk 2: Stopping power -> you'll need this because the silencer decreases the amount of damage per bullet.

Perk 3: I would recommend Ninja Pro, but you can choose whatever you prefer.

Equipment: Semtex and stun grenades (you throw the stun grenades a lot faster then the flash grenades, which is useful in quick-reaction situations).

As sniper class I have chosen the Intervention because it has higher bullet damage compared to the other snipers. Use the normal scope.

As secondary I would choose (again) a shotgun, the spas-12 with grip.

Perk 1: Sleight of hand pro (Pro is very important because of the faster ADS)

Perk 2: Cold blooded (So you don't have to worry about air support killing you)

Perk 3: Ninja Pro (No sound and invisible to heartbeat sensors)

Kman786: Sniper class Barrett .50 cal (if you are the type that doesn't rely on 1 shot 1 kill)

Perk 1: Sleight of Hand pro or Bling (pro)

Perk 2: Cold Blooded (pro) or Stopping Power

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

Also don't forget to have a custom class to shoot the air support of the enemy. Really, have at least one class with the secondary stinger or javilin missile ready. You'll get 300 exp every time you take one down, and you'll help out your team a lot. :) Kman786: if you do make a stinger/javilin class then make

Hope this helped

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Q: What is a good loadout in modern warfare 2?
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