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kill beiber

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Q: What is a good gamertag for being in a clan?
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What is the best quickscoping clan?

well do snow was my friends clan his gamertag is zzrrgg ask him to join his clan say TJS077 sent ya

What is a good xbox360 COD clan?

My fave clan that is LEGIT AND BEAST is Chix clan. you can get into there clan by send ing a message 2 xsnipaz prox. AND remember this is for xbox360. Or you can join my clan DWM We are a newly formed CoD Black Ops Clan who socialize in various games! We accept people from the ages 13-21. We DO make acceptions sometimes! You can apply to be in DWM by signing up and posting a forum about being in the clan on THIS website> OR You can message me on Xbox Live my gamertag is: Dragoneh Dude

Would anyone like to have a call of duty black ops zombie clan battle with my clan leave your gamertag if interested?

sure it's debbyd81

How do you find out if they are your teammates or not on modern warfare 2?

their gamertag and clan tag shows up green

What is a good gamertag for PS3?

I think a good gamertag for ps3 is something that goes with the games you play and what your good at in those games

Is D4rK x M4GiiKzZ a good xbox gamertag?

its allright if youre join a clan with the name of D4rK but lay off the 4s instead of A' looks to weird if D4rK x MagiiK is open go for it!

How do you join the optic clan on xbox live?

You cannot add any OpTic Unless your in the OpTic or FaZe Clan. You should get well known with the clan before consider joining. The OpTic clan or whatever does not have any copyright of the name so you can add whatever name on your gamertag, including OpTic or FaZe.

Is PSYCHOPr3d4t0r7 a good gamertag?

Nope sorry

Is Snipazoid a good Xbox Live Gamertag?


What is a good gamertag that has to do with heavy metal music?


What is a good Xbox Gamertag for an 11 year old who likes basketball and his name is Michael?

A good Gamertag could be:BballMike01Mikeluvsbball11basketballmike1BballMikey2001Or you could use the generator for more unique gamertags.

What is a good gamertag name that has to do with heavy metal music?